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The Difference Between Taking a Picture and Making a Photograph

Technology and the web have made photography and the digital image world an incredibly accessible place. You can now see any photo or image imaginable in just a few clicks of a mouse button. It’s opened up a new world of inspiration to thousands of aspiring and talented photographers. Even though it has never been easier to produce photos and images, the fundamentals of good photography remain. There is a big difference between taking a picture and making a photograph. In the right creative hands, a good photographer can make something incredible. The traditions and art form of photography remain the same.

One of the drawbacks of digital photography is the way images are stored. The fact that most pictures people take now are just lost away on computer hard drives, never really making the light of day. They become lost, hard to view without effort. The tradition of printing and creating photo albums to flick through seem to be forgotten.

This is why we think a photograph doesn’t really come to life until printed. Once you can can see and touch a photograph, see the paper texture, the image becomes real.

For successful photography, good composition is essential. It allows you to convey messages and emotions through the images that you shoot. Fortunately, good photo composition is easy to achieve by following a few simple guidelines.

First, learn the “rule of thirds.” As you look through your camera’s viewfinder, imagine there are lines dividing the image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, essentially dividing your image into nine equal-shaped blocks. Frame your subject at one of the intersection points instead of in the center of the viewfinder, as shown in the following illustration.

Now, with this said, many photographers make a very good living breaking this rule, but your photography will become much more interesting and visually stimulating if you use the rule of thirds when framing your subjects.

Careful framing of your subject can make a dramatic difference in your photos. Remember-every photo has a foreground and background, so use them together to add an interesting element to the shot.

Use foreground elements to frame your photo’s subject. Architectural elements work well (windows, doorways, arches, and so on), but you can find any number of interesting elements to use for framing your photos. The important point here is the subject. It doesn’t do much good to frame your subject with interesting elements if they overshadow the subject, making it difficult to determine what the subject is supposed to be.

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