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The Flat Belly Solution – Isabel De Los Rios Rocks Weight Loss!

The Flat Belly Solution, by Isabel De Los Rios has a huge following by women who want to lose belly fat and keep it off forever. Her principles to drop weight (and dress sizes) are safe, sensible, and easy to stick with. They center on Eating Less…by Eating Naturally.

It is no mystery why the ladies here on the Florida beaches swear by Isabel’s protocol. By following her easy guidelines, and becoming increasing aware of exactly what they are eating throughout the day, they have made significant drops in both pounds and inches.

The Flat Belly Solution has changed their lives because it is NOT just a diet, it is actually a positive lifestyle habit that has made them look better and feel better.

The Flat Belly Solution Guidelines

  • Sugar foods are your #1 Enemy. Processed foods are #2. Wean them OUT of your present diet
  • The best foods for you come straight from Mother Nature. Starchy man-made foods are loaded with calories and fat.
  • You can learn how to determine you own personal metabolism and choose the foods that benefit you most.
  • Good food choices become much easier when you understand exactly which foods give you energy…and which ones are too easily stored as fat.

There is nothing controlling, restrictive, or rigid about Isabel’s plan. It will take several weeks to form good food choice habits, but once you do, your lifestyle immediately becomes more positive.

What The Flat Belly Solution Is Not

  • Isabel’s program is NOT one of those “lose 20 pounds quick” schemes. It is a lifestyle of optimal nutrition.
  • There is NO starvation mode and subsequent “cheat days.” There are NO extremes. Isabel’s program is a consistent lifestyle plan.
  • There are NO dangerous diet pills involved. There are NO expensive supplements to buy. There is NO harsh exercise routines to exhaust you.

If you’ve been discouraged on previous diet plans. If you’ve felt controlled by calorie counting, portion measurements, or calculating protein/carbs/fats ratios…say good-bye to that nonsense. You will NOT see any of that in this program.

The Flat Belly Solution is so popular because it works. The simple, sensible, and effective principles are easy to stick with because they effectuate a positive lifestyle transformation.

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