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The ‘Frikik’ Queen of Turkey – Obstinately Goes the Other Way

Those revealing cellulite photos got Hülya Avsar’s dander up!

Even though the Takvim Newspaper article tried to give the impression that Hülya Avşar was completely unconcerned about (and unaffected by) revealing cellulite photos taken of her during a recent tennis exhibition match — that impression didn’t last very long.

On April 2nd, Sabah Newspaper published its own photo-story (that you can see by following the link further below) — in which Hülya Hanım showed up on the tennis court, covered from head to toe — tesettürlü-style. And that wasn’t all. She also announced an embargo on press photos, which would henceforth be under stricter control.

The Sabah headline declared that Hülya Hanim’s response to the cellulite photos was an obstinate cover-up.

Sabah went on to say that Hülya Hanim, in protest against the public outcry over her recent tennis skirt photos, had appeared on court in black turban and tights. Avsar said, “From now on, this is how I’ll dress for playing tennis.”

Hülya Hanim played this latest exhibition match on April Fools Day, at the 6th Annual “Hülya Avsar Veterens Tennis Tournament”. And because of unflattering photos taken at an earlier exhibition match in March, the entertainer put an embargo on press-photos and arrived on court fully covered — wearing a black turban with matching tights under a skirt.

Throughout the match, Hülya Hanim got laughs as she taunted cameramen by shaking her popo at them, saying. “Photograph my cellulite now!”

“I’m protesting the reaction that my normal tennis costumes get. I can cover up even more,” she said, “and I’ll dress like this from now on for my public matches”.

To those who wonder whether or not she’ll have aesthetic surgery to eliminate the cellulite from her upper thighs, Hülya Hanım had this to say: “I will never have such an operation. The aesthetic surgeons ruin their patients.”

Click following to access the complete and fully illustrated HTML coverage of The Frikik Queen of Turkey, An Obstinate Cover-up — which includes a great look at Hülya Avsar’s Cover Girl Gams, a 690KB Windows Media Video file — .WMV)

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