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The Healing Power of Water As a Sinus Infection Home Remedy

We can discover many potent sinus infection home remedy when we know how to make use of nature which is water, air, sunlight, climate and earth.

In this article, I would like to write on how we can use water as a healing agent in treating your sinus infection. Water is the elixir of life and there are many ways to use water’s cleansing and rejuvenating powers to improve our health and vitality.

1. Hot arm bath

Immerse one arm at a time into a tub of water which gets progressively hotter to increase the beneficial effects. Add a few drops of essential oils and be more creative when using them like when you want to treat your cough or colds, use eucalyptus, for sinus, use basil, for shortness of breath, use lavender or mix these oils as they are commonly used to treat health problems related to the respiratory system.

This hydrotherapeutic treatment is a very effective sinus infection home remedy as it not only can relieve your infection but can also bring down blood pressure and helps you to relax and be able to sleep better.

2. Hot and Cold water full bath

This treatment is very effective at reducing congestion, opening the sinus area and helps to liquefy thick mucus that is building up in your sinus cavity.

Cold water has a stimulating effect, constricting the blood vessels and inhibiting biochemical reactions that cause the inflammation. Warm or hot water dilates the blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood to the skin and reducing blood pressure and to have a more relaxing effect, try adding a few drops of peppermint, menthol or thyme.

It is recommended to take cold baths in the morning on waking up and hot baths at night before going to sleep and not to take a bath immediately after a meal, wait for at least 2 hours. When there is slight reddening of the skin or a feeling of intense cold or heat indicates that it is time to finish the bath.

3. Foot baths at alternate temperatures

This simple foot bath therapy is an extremely useful sinus infection home remedy as it can stimulate circulation in the veins and arteries and as such extremely effective to combat sinus headaches as it clears the congestion of blood accumulated in the head, thus relieving your head tensions. Put both feet in a basin of hot water first then in the cold and repeat this cycle for three to five times. Once when you have finished this therapy, rub your feet and put on your socks and go to bed.

4. Moist Heat

Taking a warm shower is a very simple, cheap and yet very effective sinus infection home remedy to relieve your sinus pain but will also help to increase drainage and blood flow to your sinus area. When you inhale the steam during the warm shower, helps to clear and thin the mucus in your sinuses.

Water helps to keep our respiratory system hydrated which prevents a build-up of thick mucus in your sinus cavity. Some experts believe that dehydration underlies many health problems as water helps to flush out toxins to keep our cells and organs healthy. It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 liters of fresh water a day but coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks are not included as they are dehydrating.

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