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The Ideal Length of a Bridal Gown

When shopping for your bridal gown, you must be very careful about the length of the dress. This article is something you should read before you go shopping for your bridal dress. You can even suggest this to a friend who is getting married if you are not.

Wedding gown lengths are of various types. We will let you know about the common ones and the most fashionable ones here. But the wedding dress of the bride and its length usually depends upon the type of wedding ceremony that is to take place. Make sure that you, as the bride, don’t stand out of place in the wedding ceremony and that your attire and the mood of the ceremony complement each other.

The Ballerina is a famous length for semi formal and casual wedding ceremonies. It is a good choice for outdoor weddings as well as it is lot of fun and more comfortable than the usual long wedding gowns. Its length is understood by its name. The length of the dress reaches just till above the ankle. It is a safe choice for most brides as it does not accentuate either slim or fat legs. It’s famous among bridesmaids too.

The Ankle is another self explanatory term for its style. It’s a gown whose hem touches the ankle and is a great option for semi-formal weddings indoors. It’s comfortable and easy to handle, safe and yet classy.

Floor is the type of bridal gown that you should choose for a formal wedding ceremony or for a classy or royal ceremony. As the name suggests, the dress touches the floor and gives elegance to the bride. Though full length and considered to be tacky nowadays at times, it is the gown for the elegant bride who wants taste and class over everything else. It’s great for weddings held in churches or in the big houses full of serious people with great affinity for taste.

Tea is a type of wedding gown that stops at the shin. It makes for more formal attire than other fun options but is still informal enough to be worn for an outdoor and casual wedding ceremony.

The Intermission is a style of bridal dress in which the hem of the dress varies for different dresses and can reach anywhere between the ankle and the knee of the bride. This is one great choice for brides as well as for bridesmaid for casual wedding ceremonies.

The Knee is a style that is of length up to the knee as its name suggests and is famous among bridesmaid as it’s comfortable and fun. It makes a good choice for a bride as well who wants to have fun and is on an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding, etc.

The Miniskirt is a type of wedding dress that is as short as a miniskirt. It is for really casual and fun weddings and for brides who want a spicy ceremony and can carry it well off. Brides with a great figure would look great in this. Women on the flabbier side can try this of course, but should tend to opt for safer lengths to look more in place and elegant.

Once you decide the mood of your ceremony, you can easily decide on the ideal length for your bridal gown. Just make sure that you are wearing your bridal shoes while trying the gowns out.

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