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The Vast Designs and Looks of Armani

From his humble beginnings, Giorgio Armani has come a very long way in expanding his line of fashions. Starting with men’s suits, his fashions now include lines for women and children as well, with varying branches for different age groups, occasions and styles. If you want the sophisticated look of Armani, there is sure to be something out there for you, even some fashion by the famous Italian designer that is priced a bit lower for those who need to watch their budgets.

Out of the many lines that Giorgio created for his company, his Giorgio Armani Black Label line of men’s jackets is probably the most prestigious and well known of them all. They are for sale exclusively in his boutiques, and although they do not go on sale and are high priced, these high quality suits never lack popularity.

The Armani Collezioni is another higher end line sold in the boutiques and high end department stores. High prices, but beautifully designed pieces that are never out of style.

Armani Jeans is a line of denim and sportswear clothing that can be found in most of the department stores. It is lower priced to make it affordable to everyone, but may lack the quality of the higher end collections.

Armani Exchange is another lower priced line of fashion that is geared toward younger people. This fact could account for the lower prices, but once again, this line most likely lacks the quality of the more refined lines of Armani.

Emporio Armani is Giorgio’s line of underwear, but also includes fragrances and eyewear. It originally started out at a lower price range, but as its popularity increased, so did the prices. It is not considered to be of higher quality then the lower priced lines.

The Armani Prive collection is especially designed with the interests of celebrities and stylists in mind. Many of them have been long time fans of Giorgio’s dresses for their red carpet events, and many of them continue to wear his fashions.

Armani Junior is the line designed with children in mind. Now, not only can adults enjoy this fabulous line of clothing, but parents who are willing to spend the money can dress their kids up in high fashion as well.

With all the options and different fashion lines that Giorgio has created, there is something for everyone, at just about any age. There are even less expensive lines, so that if you do not have a bottomless pocketbook, you, too can enjoy the beautiful fashions of Armani.

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