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Three Easy Steps To An Hourglass Figure For Pear Shaped Women

In this article, I shall show you how to transform your pear shape into a desirable hourglass figure by carefully choosing what you wear. Go from pear shaped to Marilyn in these three easy steps.

As a pear shape, the lower part of your body is the widest and you have a top half that is narrow. However, you have an enviable slim waist. The hourglass shape has upper and lower halves that are fairly equal in size, with a narrow waist.

You need to pick the style and shape of clothes carefully, so that they visually alter your body proportions to those of an hourglass and not those of a pear.

The three steps are as follows:

Widen your torso area

In order to give your body a more balanced look, you first need to widen your shoulders and/or emphasise your bust. That way, they will be more in proportion with your lower half. Soft shoulder pads, detailing on your sleeves and wider necklines will visually widen your shoulder area. Emphasise your cleavage with the help of a low decolletage, padded and/or push-up bras. The addition of statement necklaces will also bring the eye up to your neckline.

Minimise your lower half

Now, on to the next step. Your hips, bottom and thighs are your widest points on your pear frame, so minimising these makes perfect sense. Keeping to dark colours or low-key patterns on your lower half is a good idea. Another way to minimise your lower body is to draw attention away from it up to your face and neck, with the help of statement jewellery.

Emphasise your waist

Last but not least, you are blessed with a tiny waist that is the envy of many women. Emphasising this fantastic feature is an absolute must. In order to visually lengthen your torso at the same time, wear belts that are narrow. Picking them in contrasting colours to your outfit will draw even more attention to your waist.

The combined effects of widening your narrow upper half, minimising your wide lower area and emphasising your slim waist will help to give you that desirable hourglass shape. Wearing belted dresses will show off your fantastic waist and enviable figure to its full advantage.

These three easy steps are the basis of achieving the hourglass look if your are pear shaped. By following these tips, you are well on your way to getting the Marilyn look. With your extra outward confidence in place, you can now unleash your inner Marilyn as well.

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