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Handcrafted Jewelry – A Unique Gift Idea

Handcrafted Jewelry has begun to appear on

the mainstream fashion scene. Once considered

“funky” or “artsy” and targeted to a limited

market of former hippies, avante-garde designers

and backpacking travelers, it has been reinvented

as “Artisan Jewelry” that appeals to a broader

market of affluent buyers attracted to its

uniqueness and limited availability.

Imported jewelry in Greatest Demand

The greatest surge in demand is taking place

in the segment of handcrafted jewelry that is

imported from artisans in other countries.

Our country’s renewed interest in international

travel and our desire to reach out as a people

and cross invisible boundaries has resulted in

a new appreciation for the richness in other

cultures. This newfound acceptance of cultural

diversity has opened our eyes to the richness of

all of the elements of other cultures, from food

to art to jewelry and created a new fashion trend.

Online Sales of Handcrafted Jewelry on the Rise

You don’t have to travel to find unusual, high

quality handcrafted jewelry. Several companies

are sending buyers to comb the artisan markets

in search of unique designs and making them

available at the click of a mouse. Peruvian

jewelry in particular is making a splash;

look for it to appear soon in fashion magazines

and on your favorite celebrities. The concept

of online shopping for jewelry is relatively new

but it offers several advantages in the handcrafted

jewelry arena where particular designs may be available

in limited quantities.

Successfully Finding the Perfect Gift

The key to successful gift shopping online for

handcrafted silver jewelry is the offer of

email notification when a new shipment has arrived.

Websites usually offer this option in the form of

a little check box when you register and most

of us avoid these like the plague, knowing we’ll

be inundated with weekly offers and nonsense

newsletters. Handcrafted jewelry sites are the

exception to this rule. Since most of their designs

are available in limited quantities you want to

be the first to hear that they’ve added new ones

to their collection. Jump on it when that notice

arrives in your mailbox and look for the “new

arrivals” link on the homepage. Remember: buy

it immediately if you love it since it probably

won’t be available the next time you visit.

Be the first to capture a new design and you

will be giving that special woman in your life

a trendy fashion accessory that is also a unique

piece of art, a meaningful gift indeed.

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