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Transition From Corporate to Your Dream Business – Invest in Yourself

Step One: Be willing to invest time and energy in yourself.

Dream of starting your own business? Can you transition from a full-time job and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams while balancing priorities at home, and… have a life? What about finances? Can you really pull it off?

The answer is YES! Well, that’s a YES with a disclaimer. The first step is to be willing to invest time and energy in yourself to determine the right business for you and its viability in today’s market. What do you really want to do and how does it fit with your lifestyle? When I left corporate there was a lot that peaked my interest. Business consulting, professional coaching, project management, internet marketing, and real estate to name just a few. Being a new Mom, I chose to start a business where I could work from home, be close to my kids, have very little overhead and have a lot of free time.

What is your strategy for investing in yourself? How do you get started? Find a quiet place, take a few deep breaths and answer the following questions:

  • If you were financially secure and failure wasn’t an option, what would you spend your time doing?
  • What solution can you provide to solve a specific problem or issue? What problem would you like to solve? for yourself? your family? your friends? your community? the world?
  • What can you offer that is unique and excites you? What drives you to be more?
  • What is your essence of success? Who will you become when your goals are fulfilled? Confident? Courageous? Efficient? Daring? How will it fit with your lifestyle?

Investing energy in identifying the right business for you provides a starting point for crafting your dream business. Taking the time to answer these questions now will save you time in the long run. Many entrepreneurs look for a business to start or buy, a quick fix. I encourage clients to pass on financially viable opportunities that don’t ignite their passion. Give yourself space, invest in yourself and find your passion.

These questions will help you get started in determining the right business for you based on the lifestyle you desire. In the next article, we’ll explore how to navigate the transition to your successful business.

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