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Travel Tips For Business Men – How to Pack Shirts, Suits, and Ties

Is keeping your suits and shirts wrinkle free a big problem for your business travels? Here are some tips to help you manage your travel wardrobe. Whether you are used to travelling for business or you are travelling for the first time with suits and ties, these tips will help you protect your clothes.

Packing Right:

Packing business clothes could sometimes be very challenging. The problem actually starts when you try fitting everything into a small bag. Over-stuffing your case is usually the main reason why your clothes get wrinkled. So when packing, be realistic on the number of clothes you will need for your trip. If travelling for an extended period, you should consider using a slightly bigger suitcase that may need to be checked.

Now that you have got the appropriate luggage, learning to pack the proper way will further avoid wrinkling of your clothes. The key to packing is to place the most delicate clothes in the centre of your suitcase and away from the edges. Pack your T-shirt first, then your suit, dress shirts and ties, and top it off with other clothes. These will protect and cushion your suit, dress shirts and ties. Watch out where you pack your dress shoes as the edges of it are one of the most likely causes of wrinkles. Some carry-on bags provide secondary pockets especially for dress shoes storage.

Garment Bags

These things are highly suggested. Using garment bags and carrying them separate from your carry on probably is the best way to prevent wrinkles in your suits and dress shirts. This is most ideal when you are planning to go straight into your event from the airport. Another good option is folding the garment bag carefully and placing it in your suitcase. This way is the more convenient way when you are going straight to your hotel from the airport.

Travelling With Silk Ties

Among your clothes, neckties are the most delicate. Some stores offer wrinkle free microfiber neckties which are ideal for travels. If you still prefer silk neckties, you have to make sure that they are away from edges or sharp objects. Store your neckties in cushion of other soft clothes, like the way you do with your suits and dress shirts. Just fold the tie in half and place it in between T-shirts. You may also roll you ties up, starting from the narrow end. After rolling your ties, place them in your dress shoes. The most ideal way of travelling with neckties is by using a case especially designed for necktie storage.


Unpack as soon as you get to your destination. No matter how tired you are, it is a must to unpack your suitcase and be thankful in the morning. Unpack your clothes, suit, dress shirts and neckties and hang them using a hanger in a well ventilated area. This way, your clothes may have straightened out when you wake up in the morning.

Ironing & Dry-cleaning on Travel

Most hotels provide dry-cleaning services as well as iron and ironing board in each room. Before leaving your clothes to the dry cleaners, check how much time will it take for them to finish the job. If it be longer than necessary, ironing is your best option. Remember that neckties as well as suits are not to be ironed. If you notice some wrinkles in your suit, try hanging it in the bathroom while you take a hot steamy shower. It will straighten the wrinkles off your suit soon as you finish taking your shower.

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