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Twilight Costume Ideas For Vampire Lovers Everywhere

The unconventional love team of human and vampire has spawned millions of teen fans worldwide. You won’t be surprised if, at some corner you turn, you will Bella and Edward holding hands and carrying a bag of treats. Both the Twilight books and the film series have definitely managed to score a huge impact on teenaged girls; it’s not everyday that the man of your dreams is portrayed in a new light.

This Halloween, Twilight costumes Bella and Edward will surely be a popular hit, especially among young girls who have fallen crazily in love with the handsome vampire. Here are some great ideas for having a Twilight theme this year.

Twilight Edward Costume

Not many adult men will be thrilled at the thought of dressing up as the sparkly Edward Cullen, but they will be happy to do it mostly for their partners. Edward is a seventeen-year-old vampire who was made a vampire by his adoptive father to save him from influenza. He goes to Forks High School, the same school as Bella’s and is seen mostly in his long grey jacket and dark pants. Not too many accessories are available for Edward, but you can choose to don the Love at First Bite wig to replicate Edward’s tousled bronze hair and a pair of amber contact lenses.

Twilight Bella Costume

Clumsy but beautiful, Isabella Swan, or Bella as her friends and family call her, is the human girl that everybody else envies-for she is the girl for whom the handsome Edward Cullen has fallen for. Bella is very private and stubborn, stopping at no cost to pursue her dream of being with Edward. Bella is nothing special-she is just a plain girl going to school in Forks, after all. This is why you have to be very creative when it comes to creating Bella costumes for Halloween; you don’t want to be just a plain girl going to school, do you?

First of all, recreate her long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes with a wig and a pair of contact lenses. Bella is not a girly kind of girl; she loves to wear plaid shirts over denim jeans and her signature blue jacket when it gets cold. Or you could dress up in the pretty blue layered dress that she wore to the school prom.

Twilight Werewolf Costume

Twilight werewolf costumes are just as popular, especially after Jacob Black has snatched quite a handful of Edward’s screaming fans for himself. Werewolves in the Twilight series are shape-shifters, who can change from human form to wolf form as they please. Every time they shift from wolf to human form, werewolves are to found to be completely free of clothing from the waist up-quite an easy costume to create, isn’t it? If you choose to dress up in wolf form, the Howl-o-ween Mask could be helpful, along with an outfit of tattered clothes and furry arms.

The Twilight wolves aren’t werewolves in the traditional sense, rather shape shifters who take the form of wolves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some traditional werewolf costumes and masks to complete the look for a Twilight Halloween party. The Howl-O-Ween Adult Mask will make sure your face looks right which you can combine with wolf hands and a furry outfit!

Twilight Vampire Costume

If you don’t want to be Edward Cullen, there’s a whole range of vampires to choose from-from the lovely Rosalie to the bold Victoria and the ice-cold Jane. Just remember one thing, Twilight vampires do not have the traditional vampire fangs, but they have the same pale skins and brightly colored eyes.

There are no officially licensed Twilight costumes, so it’s up to you to be extra inventive when it comes to putting your costume together.

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