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Two Rulers to Make Sewing Patterns

Pattern making rulers are a must if you want to make your own patterns. There are a lot of problems with standardized patterns that are available in the market. Almost all the time, you need to adjust sewing patterns to suit your measurements and fabric. If you make sewing patterns yourself, then you can create them to suit your body and the fabric. But without the right tools, all this is simply a waste.

There are many kinds of tools available in the industry to create your own sewing patterns. But your two most formidable allies in this operation are the Designer’s Curve and the Tailor’s Curve. These are the best rulers if you want to make the best sewing pattern in the easiest manner possible.

The First Curve

We all know how important curves are to the making of a dress. Make one turn wrong and you can spoil the whole dress. But what do you do when you are new to sewing and do not know much? You use the designer’s curve one of the great inventions in the sewing industry. A great ruler that has an international design standard, you can use this curve to sew almost anything.

It is very accurate and you can rest assured that the curves you are measuring will be calculated carefully. Using this curve to a dress adds a professional touch to your dress. Imagine the next cocktail party when your friends will be asking you who the designer of your dress is! Yes that can happen with this curve. The well designed back and front armhole give you the best of all possible worlds!

Personally I don’t think there could have been anything better. This ensures that your work in addition to being accurate is also made easier. To top it all, this ruler is made by the heads of fashion industry so you can be sure that you are getting your hands on the best one when you buy a Designer’s Curve.

The Second Curve

Are you having trouble with a minute curve measurement? Have no Fear because the Tailor’s Curve is here. This ruler is specially made for the minutest of measurements which other curves and even the most experienced hand may fail. Its accuracy makes it one of a kind. Having this tool for your own sewing pattern design purposes is a very intelligent step.

This is all the more important if you are not a professional sewer and sew just for fun. It’s unseam, hip curve and its back and front crotch curves make it the most unique piece in the fashion sewing industry. Famous designers cannot work without this curve.

Thus we see that these two pattern making rulers form the basis of any sewing pattern undertaking. Even if you sew just for fun, you need to have these tools at home to get the proper patterns for your clothes because all patterns do not look on all garments or even figures. They help to measure, alter and fit standard designs; these pattern making rulers also help to create new designs with the Lutterloh Fashion Pattern Making Manual.

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