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Unique Baby Bedding – How to Find Nursery Decor That Lights Up a Room

Many mothers these days are looking for unique baby bedding to get away from all of the same old crib sets that everyone else uses. Many nurseries all look the same. For example, if it is a baby girl’s room, you will usually see pink walls and lots of pink accents such as polka dots and baby dolls. For boys, it is almost always a baby blue room with trucks or trains or airplanes.

Nowadays, you will see a lot of unique baby bedding sets that get away from the ordinary. For one thing, many parents want the child’s room to just be an extension of the decor of the rest of the house. They do not necessarily want a nicely decorated home with a big Winnie the Pooh bedroom down the hall. Some other parents simply want their child to have a completely fabulous room to wake up in each morning, but they also want something totally original.

Some of the baby bedding available today is unique because it is expensive and almost like couture fashion. The designs and materials are what you would find in a woman’s high end clothing store or on the runways of Paris. These sets are often very high priced selections for most parents, but you will find some people who invest in these sets because they truly want a unique, modern room.

Other crib sets are unique simply because of the type of bed it fits. For example, the circular cribs that are so popular (and fairly pricey) need specialized bedding. These are gorgeous cribs that will often have an attached canopy as well, so this is not bedding you can find at your local discount store. This bedding must be purchased online or at a chic retail shop.

There are many newer manufacturers and designers of unique baby bedding out there today. So many talented artisans have gotten into the baby business, so finding something unique is certainly not a problem. The key is planning exactly what you want and how to find it. Here are a couple of tips:

1) Know your price range and stick to it. You are going to see some super cool stuff that is going to tempt you into overspending. Remember, this is a baby who will only sleep in a crib for a short time. Decide what you can invest and stay on budget!

2) Think about your decorating plans. Decide what you want as a wall color, accents, etc.

3) If you do not know the sex of the baby, keep that in mind as you choose. Often the bedding is non-refundable, so make your selections carefully.

4) Bargain shop online! There are great deals to be had on the internet, so make notes and bookmark pages until you find just what you want to purchase.

Finding unique baby bedding can be a fun event as long as you take your time and choose wisely. Do not take it so seriously because this is supposed to be an enjoyable time of your life!

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