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Valentines Day – How You Can Make the Greatest Love Day Extra Romantic?


How do you create the most romantic day for you and your beloved? Remember first what romance is. It is not just something that is reserved for the romantics among us, or ravenous florists. It is simply that you do something for your beloved as you know he will appreciate, and that will show him that you know him and will do anything for him to have a good time.

I am happy to help a little on the way. Here are some of my best tips:

Find out what your boyfriend think is romantic. There is little reason to put rose petals all over his bed if he only get allergic attack by it and think it is corny…

Prepare the day. Although it is sweet to improvise, use some time to get the day to be correct. Remember that it may be difficult to get seats at the cinema or restaurant you like on a day like this, if you want to invite him out.

Make turns of pampering each other. Then both of you get the pleasure of giving and receiving. If both make plans for Valentines Day, then each individuals plans crash and end up in a painful chaos.

20 romantic ideas you can do for your boyfriend on Valentines Day:

  1. Turn off the TV and PC, gently pull out the telephone cord and switch off mobile phones. Light a lot of candles, order his favorite take-away and make a picnic in the bedroom.
  2. Take him to the movies and see a film he would like to see. Remember to book seats on the kissing row, so you can make out during the movie.
  3. Show your love – make love to him.
  4. Give him an erotic massage.
  5. Take a bath together. An aromatic bath is always super romantic. If you do not have a bathtub, then shower together and wash each other with fragrant oils or soaps. Everywhere, of course.
  6. Tell him why you love him and why he is a fantastic person. You do not necessarily have to write it on a Valentines card. Use an online card, SMS, or simply tell him in person.
  7. Check into the hotel – even if it is just a normal day. Then you spend a night of love in a unfamiliar bed.
  8. Give him a gift he really wants. Choose something personal, such as an iPod that you have saved “Your” songs on. Tickets for a concert with his favorite band, framed picture of yourself that he may have on his desk.
  9. Meet one of his sexual fantasies.
  10. Create a romantic treasure hunt, where he has to look around the house for small, romantic notes so that he really must speculate on what exactly will happen. Make sure he ends up at your favorite restaurant or bedroom, depending on what you want.
  11. Make him an irresistible, erotic meal.
  12. Dress in something you know will turn him on.
  13. Open a bottle of champagne and toast to your love.
  14. Take a romantic moonlight walk.
  15. Wash his car or give the bike a spring overhaul. Do him simply a favor that says you love him.
  16. Talk to him and let him talk. Also, even if it means you have to listen to football talk the rest of the evening.
  17. Valentines Day does not necessarily have to be a romantic candlelight dinner. Take him out for a drink or two at a delicious bar.
  18. Make a packed lunch for him and attach a written note on how you describe all the naughty things you should do with him when the evening comes.
  19. Make a photo album for him with pictures from your time together, and look through it together. Old memories from the past can make the most hardy cynic soft at heart.
  20. Play strip poker, or anything that will make you both laugh with each other or come closer together.

Good luck with your day!



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