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Valentine’s Day Jewellery – How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Worried what you should get your loved one for Valentines Day? Are you thinking that jewellery is just too difficult to choose? Don’t stress because help is at hand. Just follow these helpful pointers and you’re guaranteed to make Valentines Day a real hit!

– Heart jewellery is always a great gift for Valentines Day. Hearts are the universal symbol of love, and hearts are appropriate for all the women in your life, be they daughters, wives, mothers or grandmothers. This is simply a universal truth.

– On a similar note: lockets, love knots, rose or flower-themed jewellery, or bows and cupids all make great Valentines Day jewellery gifts for your loved one. There are plenty of love symbols to choose from, and not just heart jewellery.

– Handmade or handcrafted is a win-win option. There is just a romance and a unique beauty in jewellery that’s been individually handcrafted. And she will notice good quality workmanship. After all, love is not about mass-production!

– Make the gift personal. For example, choose a charm bracelet where the charms have special significance for your beloved. Or refer to the previous point about the value and significance of handmade jewellery.

– Flamboyant necklaces, earrings and so on are fine, but make sure you are confident that this is her style. Think about what sort of pieces she normally wears. Valentines Day might not be the best time for a radically different piece for your love.

– Buying a ring for your beloved on Valentines Day isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Good online jewellery stores now have ring size systems that allow you to select the ring size you require – the really good ring size systems allow you to choose by comparing with a ring your beloved already owns, so you can avoid getting the wrong size.

– A gift that has a story is always a winner. If your Valentines Day jewellery is made under fair trade conditions or is made with sustainably-sourced materials or is handmade, you’re showing how much of a caring person you are, something she is sure to appreciate.

– Try not to leave it to the last minute! A bunch of flowers from a petrol station is not romantic, and what does it say about your attitude? Compare that to a beautiful handmade necklace or earrings!

– Valentines Day jewellery will last longer than chocolate and flowers!

– And remember, have fun choosing Valentines gifts. Romance should not be a chore!

So don’t let Valentines Day get you down. Trust your instincts, remember these handy pointers, and let the romance blossom!

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