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Vintage Sewing Patterns

A great 1960’s A-line dress …just like the one “Jackie O’ might have worn while she was at The White House. It may fit or maybe it needs to be taken in a little. The color is great but maybe a little faded in places. What’s this…a small hole…maybe a moth bite?

All these things may happen if you choose to purchase a used vintage dress from your local vintage store. I love vintage clothing and vintage stores, don’t get me wrong! I’ve spent my fair share of money in too many stores and estate sales. Is there an easier way to get this same Fab look? Maybe a less expensive way to have the great look of this same A-line 60’s dress? I think I’ve found a way to do it!

I choose to sew my own styles! Vintage sewing patterns are the way to go to get just what you want! You get to choose the fabric, the color, the trim and the fit….and no moth bites! I know your next questions….where do you get just the right vintage sewing pattern?

There are lots of different places you can find vintage sewing patterns. The easiest way, I think, is to go online and do a search. There are many great vintage sewing pattern dealers online. The prices can range from the very affordable to the very unaffordable, depending on the dealer and the specific pattern.

Things to keep in mind if you are thinking about purchasing a vintage sewing pattern online:

1. Is this an original pattern and not a copy? You will want to get an original pattern, especially with the envelope with artwork of the front and back of the finished product.

2. Are all the pieces there? You don’t want to start cutting out your pattern just to find that you are missing a sleeve or waistband! Find a website that checks all their patterns to make sure they are complete!

3. Search for your bust,waist or hip measurements…not your current size. Sizes have changed so much over the past forty years or so. A size 14 today was not a size 14 several years ago!

4. Does the website offer any shipping discounts if you purchase more than one pattern at a time? Why stop at just one pattern when there’s so many vintage sewing patterns to choose from!

These are just a few of the things your should remember when choosing your vintage sewing pattern!

For more information about vintage sewing patterns and vintage fashions, consider stopping by my blog, my website or my Etsy store.

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