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Waste Card Mosaic Photo Frame

Mosaic photo frames make use of absolute waste material for designing. Broken ceramics, arbitrary shaped mirror chips, non-stringed beads etc. are perfect for making mosaic photo frame. Just make your creativity run wild and let a plain frame take its shape as a lovely mosaic photo frame. Presenting here is a step by step procedure to create a mosaic picture frame using expired gift cards, credit cards, club cards, health insurance cards etc. Check it out:

Material Needed

A Wooden Frame

Glue Gun

Expired plastic cards like subway cards, health insurance cards, gift cards, credit cards etc.

Step 1

First of all, lay a newspaper on and around your work area. Now, take the old wooden frame and brush off the dust and dirt to make it a neat, usable frame.

Step 2

Next, cut the old credit cards, gift cards, subway cards etc. into tiny pieces with the help of a knife or sharp scissors.

Step 3

Arrange the card pieces in the desired fashion. The pieces can be arranged in a particular design pattern or arbitrarily, as per your desire.

Step 4

Once the design pattern is set, start picking one piece at a time and stick it as it is on the frame using a glue gun.

Step 5

Make sure that the frame has dried out completely before use, or else the card pieces would end up chipping and falling from the frame. All done, well, you are ready with a waste card mosaic photo frame!

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