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Wearing Zebra Prints and Other Animal Prints to Make a Bold Statement

From time to time you just want to make a bold fashion statement or just dress a little differently from your normal garb. There are some secrets to wearing zebra prints and other animal prints that will help you to wear them tastefully and fashionably.

If you follow these tips you will turn heads in admiration.

The Clothes Themselves

When wearing zebra prints and other animal prints you should wear conservative lines: a trench style dress, a simple top, or a tea or knee length skirt. Do not wear anything that is too revealing. Short skirts, hotpants, or a top that shows a lot of cleavage will look horrible in animal print. Mix and match the animal print with solid, basic colors only. Black seems to work the best. Dark denim or a white are acceptable. A small splash of red can be used to bring out the basic colors of the print.

Flatter Your Figure

Use wild patterns to draw attention away from areas of your body that you feel are flawed. You can to that by accentuating great aspects of your figure. Put a zebra print belt around a small waist or a print scarf around your neck if you have nice cleavage. Try not to overdo the prints. A little accomplishes quite a bit.


Zebra prints and other animal prints scream out that they do not require much in the way of accessories. Simple jewelery, basic pumps or flats, and a solid color purse are the best way to go. Wild accessories fight the print and give the look an overall “too busy” appearance.

Zebra prints and other animal prints can be used effectively to make bold fashion statement without looking ridiculous if you follow the few tips in this article. Good luck with your new look.

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