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Wedding Dresses: The 5 Whites Out There And Which Is Best For You

You’re a future bride. The wedding is fast approaching and you need to choose from a huge selection of wedding dresses which is only adding to your stress.

Tradition dictates that you choose a white gown, after all, white is always right for a wedding, no?

The answer is yes AND no, as there are actually many shades of white and despite them only being subtly different in some cases, the wrong shade could really clash with your skin.

Here’s what you need to know about white and which shade you should be choosing for your wedding dress:

There are many different elements to consider when choosing the ideal wedding dress, but one that is often overlooked much to the bride’s misfortune is the shade of white that the dress is made in.

Pure White

This is the ‘whitest’ of white colors, perhaps like chalk. This is not the only white and in fact it is too extreme for many skin tones. Believe it or not the best white for brides with dark skin tones, as it can make paler brides look too washed out.

Diamond White

This is still very white, but it is very slightly ‘off white.’ In pictures you’d have a hard time differentiating between this white and pure white, but the naked eye should be able to see. This is the standard color for wedding dresses worldwide and so don’t be surprised to find your dress in this color as it suits most brides’ skin tones.

Ivory White

Like an elephant’s tusks, this white is slightly creamy colored and has slightly yellow undertones to it. As such it is a good choice for Caucasian brides with quite a normal or even slightly pinkish skin tone.

Champagne White

Champagne is quite creamy white, but also has a slight pinkish hue that you can often see better in bright light. Asian brides will prefer this color as their skin will often be more tanned and with a slightly yellow or olive undertone which works really well with the champagne color.

Ecru White

Ecru is even warmer than champagne and is best described as looking similar to linen’s color. It isn’t really suitable for brides with olive skin, like Mediterranean or Asian brides. As it’s quite an unusual color for wedding dresses it’s not so likely to be seen in many weddings and so could be a good choice for brides seeking to make an impact with something different.

So as you can see, even white isn’t so simple when choosing a wedding dress, but luckily if you’ve taken this advice you can avoid a white faux pas and look dazzling, not dull, on your special day!

If you are still wondering where you can find white wedding dresses then don’t leave it too late! Log on to the internet today and check out the many online stores, as there you’ll find the best choice and cheaper prices than in stores across town!

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