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Weird Ways To Earn Extra Cash

The Great Recession has left plenty of individuals without work. Some people have their working hours reduced, while some no longer enjoy a number of the workplace financial bonuses they have enjoyed years ago. In case you are one of those people who are feeling the pinch, or worried that you soon could be, start looking for ways to make money on the side. Here are several moneymaking opportunities. These may be odd, but many individuals have since earned hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing these activities frequently.

Participate in mock trials

Picture jury duty, but lucrative and less time-consuming. When you join mock trials on the Web, you will be given a case, which you’ll review. Each case review will take more or less an hour, after which, you will send back your impressions about the case to the lawyer. You will be provided $20 to $60 for every case.

Be a lab rat

Research studies involve a variety of topics. For instance, some tests try to determine the effects of lack of sleep, physical exercise, and caffeine consumption on the individual. Being a subject in these studies can provide you with $100 to $300 daily.

Participate in focus groups

Apart from being a subject in health-related research studies, you can also join focus groups to evaluate various consumer products and services. Essentially, you make money for simply sharing your opinions about a company’s goods and solutions. Focus group sessions take between one to two hours, and you can receive $25 to $200 from this activity. There are web sites made especially to show focus group invitations from across the country.

Cash in gift cards

Were you given plenty of gift cards or gift certificates for the Holidays? Are you fed up with shopping or not interested in using those gift cards and certificates? If you answered yes to both questions, you’re in luck as a lot of online resale companies are pleased to get those off your hands. When you trade in your card or gift certificate, you can get close to 90% of their value, and in many cases, the service is at no cost to you.

Sell hair

Selling your hair can provide you a good amount of money. One seller even got two thousand dollars for her glorious tresses. There is a ever-increasing industry for human hair here and overseas because many customers prefer wigs and extensions that feel and look natural. If you have long, untreated, healthy, and rapidly growing hair, this can be a superb income generating activity for you.

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