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What Does Dapper Mean?

In our modern society, the term “dapper” means much more than neat and trim in dress and bearing, although that definition is a good start!

Dapper is just as much being as it is looking.

A dapper gentleman will hold his head high with shoulders back, walk as though a cloud was under his feet, but will act more grounded than 13 year old step daughter. He’ll smile, not so much that it’s nauseating, but just enough to make you wish you knew what he knew.

Often spotted by his sleek and trim haircut, well fitted suit and polished oxfords, the dapper man is the pinnacle of men’s fashion, so much that you’d barely call it fashion, just “the way he is”. The Dapper man’s suit collection varies all the way from you casual navy and grays, to your saturated reds and vibrant yellows… and he pulls it all off without question. He wears a mix of expensive and not so expensive items, most timeless as to avoid being merely trendy. The dapper doesn’t conform to the crowds and joins in with common gloating of Armani or Hugo Boss. Instead, he introduces new brands to his peers, known for their quality, not for their logo or advertising campaigns.

But anyone can put on nice clothes. The dapper wears them well.

The dapper man will pass others in the streets, and with scent of the achieved fresh in their nostrils, they will turn their heads to admire the character they’ve just passed. People may ask, “are you going somewhere?” he will merely respond “perhaps… but I like to look nice regardless”. He can be clean-shaven, mustached, bearded or any mix of the previously mentioned, but whatever he chooses, it will be groomed to the most supreme standard and will be complimented daily.

The timeless aspect of dapper means if you invest in good quality items, you can wear them from now, until the day you’re buried, and you’ll forever be remembered as “that handsome chap that was so well dressed all the time”.

Hipster trends may overlap lightly into today’s dapper, but don’t be fooled, you won’t catch your grandma or your girlfriend’s friends telling you “how lovely and hipster” you look. They (the hipsters) may be wearing our shoes or ties for the week, but they do it to appear in style, before realizing they only appear as the flavor of the day. Dapper has stood the test of time, and will continue to stand proud.

The current definition you’ll find for dapper speaks primarily of clothing and appearance… but there’s much more to it today.

To be “dapper” is to step from puberty into manhood, or womanhood for our dapper counterparts.

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