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What Exactly is Whey Protein and Who Needs It?

Getting sufficient amounts of protein is important for all individuals. Ideally, everyone would get adequate amounts of it through eating a proper and balanced diet. However, since most people don’t eat in an “ideal” fashion, protein supplementation is often required, and whey protein is by far the most common form of protein taken.

Whey protein is a combination of three proteins found in milk. It is removed during the process of making cheese. It is a mixture of globular proteins. Though it comes from milk it contains very little lactose. This form of protein is considered a good nutritional supplement because it contains all of the nine essential amino acids. This branded chain of amino acids are also known as BCAA’s.

Who should use whey protein?

Bodybuilders – One of the reasons body builders use whey in protein shakes is because it can be digested quickly. This makes the protein available for muscle building and repairing muscle tissues.

Athletes and those who exercise regularly – A whey protein supplement is the perfect compliment to any exercise program, even for those who don’t want to build a lot of muscle tissue. It increases carbohydrate storage in the liver and muscles which cuts down on the amount of carbohydrates converted into fat.

Whey protein empties from the stomach and is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than other proteins. This makes it perfect for those wanting to quickly replenish protein levels after extreme workouts.

Vegans and Vegetarians. -Whey protein can be a good source of protein for vegans and others who limit their intact of meat products. Though it’s not impossible to get enough protein with a meat free diet, it is harder and supplements can make it easier.

Seniors – Older people sometimes find it hard to intake enough protein in their regular diet. Supplementing can help keep energy levels high.

Busy people – With today’s hurried lifestyles it’s sometimes hard to take the time to prepare three balanced meals. A protein shake made with whey protein can provide a healthy meal substitute and prevent a jaunt to the nearby fast food chain.

Whey protein can help increase a person’s level of glutathione. Some studies claim that Glutathione is an antioxidant that help improve the immune system and defend against some toxins.

When searching for nutritional supplements it’s important to do some research and find out what each provides. Match the supplement to your personal requirements and lifestyle. It sometimes takes 60 days to see the benefits of a supplement so don’t give up if you don’t feel an immediate improvement. Other people claim to feel results very quickly.

While local health food stores carry supplements they often have a smaller selection than you can find at online stores. Plus, their prices are often higher. Be sure and compare options before choosing where to purchase your products.

After completing your research you might find you’re one of the many people that can benefit from using whey protein as a nutritional supplement.

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