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What is UNICAL?

It is from Japan. It is the highest absorption calcium with 7 international patents for a life-time of stronger bones and teeth.

UNICAL uses advanced IAM(Increased Absorption Material) technology that incorporates Mucopolysaccharide which helps to increase UNICAL’s calcium absorption rate to as high as 98% thus surpassing all other calcium supplements. They have 7 international patents:- USA, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Korea and China. This delicious light lemon-flavoured sachet easily mixes in water or can be taken straight from the 2g sachets.

Each sachet supplies 200mg of elemental calcium containing natural occurring minerals which includes magnesium, manganese and phosphorus with perfect ratio to promote stronger and healthier bones and teeth. Also prevents osteoporosis, relieve muscle cramps and twitches, alleviate insomnia and sleeping problems, and reduce high blood pressure.

UNICAL, unlike other calcium supplements, DOES NOT cause gas, constipation or bloating. It also doe not depend on the sun to manufacture vitamin D for the absorption of calcium into our system. This is to our advantage because now more people are avoiding the sun due to skin cancers. UNICAL has its patented IAM to help us absorb calcium naturally without the sun.

However, if calcium is not being absorbed readily into the system, it would collect at the joints causing bone spur(a system of arthritis), in the kidneys causing kidney stones or in the blood vessels causing clogged arteries!

Those that should take UNICAL are:-

– woman with smaller frames

– pregnant

– menopausal woman or approaching menopausal

– frequently consume coffee, tea and carbonated drinks

– have a diet high in refined carbohydrates, salt, sugar, protein and insoluble fiber

– are inactive and lead a sedentary lifestyle

– are under physical or mental stress

– take antacids for gastric pains or heartburn

By taking UNICAL which is a calcium supplement, it can help one to build stronger bones and teeth, prevent osteoporosis, relieves muscle cramps and twitches, alleviates insomnia and sleeping problems, reduces high blood pressure (hypertension) and also alleviates premenstrual syndrome(PMS).

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