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What To Consider Before You Join Racco Cosmetics

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for a direct sales company part-time or full-time, there are several things to consider about the industry as a whole and about the particular company you choose.

We will ask common questions about the direct sales industry in general and try to give you the answers you seek. We will then talk about Racco Cosmetics in particular to determine if it may be a good fit for you. Finally, we’ll talk about the kind of training you’ll need to be successful.

Q & A about the Direct Sales Industry

What is a direct sales business and what does it involve?

The direct sales business model involves marketing products and services directly to the consumer through one-on-one demonstrations. No advertising, distribution or retail establishments are used.

The most attractive type of direct sales businesses is the one that involves familiar products that are unique and are easily presented in home shows allowing guests to see and handle the products before purchasing.

You present your products in a “party” atmosphere among family and friends of the host. Guests are expecting to make a purchase when they accept the invitation. You can get started in this business model without experience or sales training.

What characteristics of the direct sales model are attractive to prospective entrepreneurs?

-Low start-up costs. Anyone can get started with a minimum amount required for a start-up sample kit.

-On-the-job-training is the way to get started immediately. Your mentor trains you to find hosts, conduct a home show, submit orders and recruit a team.

-Your schedule is flexible because you’re allowed to choose the times and dates of your presentations. This is ideal for mothers, students, care takers and others who have demands on their time.

-The sky is the limit on your income. You can choose to make a few hundred dollars per month for extras, or thousands of dollars per month working full-time and building a team of consultants.

-You’ll learn skills that will switch you from an employee working for someone else’s dream to an entrepreneur working for your dreams of financial freedom.

Now that you understand a little more about what a direct sales business involves, let’s look at Racco Cosmetics, a direct sales company that’s been around since 1987.

The company distributes a Brazilian cosmetic and personal care line of products for the whole family. Their line includes hair care, cosmetics, fragrances and nutricosmetics. Beauty consultants present the line at home shows hosted by family, friends and others interested in earning discounts and free products.

Racco Cosmetics receives safety clearance of their products through the governments where their products are sold. This company never uses animals for testing, but live human volunteers who willingly submit to these tests. Racco is an active participant in recycling cosmetic jars and bottles regardless of the brand.

Every new consultant must purchase a starter kit for $149.90. Beauty consultants earn commissions on their personal sales and the sales of their team through 2 levels. They also have the opportunity to earn bonuses as Relationship Managers when they have 30 people on their team and can conduct trainings and other events.

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