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What Traits Make a Woman Undeniably Attractive to a Man – Parameters Differ As Per the Focus

Every man has his own parameters to identify the woman he wants. It also depends on how he grades himself which goes to define the kind of traits that will attract him. However, one can correctly say that certain traits feature higher than others when it comes to undeniable attraction.

Beauty features foremost
This features topmost on the scale of undeniable traits to attract a man. He takes pride in showing off his triumph of an attractive woman at his side. He holds himself in high esteem of having won the woman most sought or gloated over by other men.

Sex appeal
It often turns out that the woman has the beauty and looks but not the sexual appeal. ‘Cold beauty’ as guys term it, does not turn them on. They want the bubbly, sprightly type of woman who has a streak of naughty appeal to turn him on.

Brains and intellect
Even though she may rate high on the above two traits but if she is a dumb beauty then she is no choice for him. He would rather a ‘plain-jane’ with brains and intellect who matches him intellectually! She will rate much higher on the scale of attractive traits.

Honesty and loyalty
If you have the beauty and attractiveness that draws guys towards you he’ll love that for his own self esteem. But he’ll never like you responding to their attentions or flirting with them. He will expect you to hold your self respect and be honest and loyal to him.

Confident and self sufficient
Guys are highly attracted to women who are confident and self sufficient from the aspect of handling their own affairs and more. The underlying factor is that he does not have to come to her rescue for all the odd jobs that need to be taken care of.

Progressive and talented
Another trait that attracts a man is having a woman who is constantly moving ahead in her life professionally and personally. He rarely appreciates the woman who sits back tending home and kids alone. Talent and the ability to take on new things is what he appreciates.

Understanding and compassionate
This is another very important trait that guys long for in a woman. She should be totally understanding and considerate of his needs and preferences. She should also be compassionate and caring when it comes to him, his people and the kids when they come. If you can combine all these traits then you’ve qualified to vie for his attention and attract him completely and permanently.

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