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Wholesaler of Clothes – Key to Your Dream Wardrobe!

A wholesaler of clothes is likely to give you a good markdown on your total price if you buy in large quantities from him. People no longer just wear clothes to cover themselves but also to make a statement about who they are. There is widespread consciousness and interest in fashion today that has led to the phenomenal growth in the clothing industry. It is in this context that the wholesale clothing industry has gained significance.

Reasons For Great Prices Of Wholesale Clothes:

o A clothing wholesaler sells at competitive prices because the clothes he is selling could be excess merchandise from last season’s collection. In this case, the producer may wish to follow an ‘off with the old and in with the new’ policy which requires him to make room for the latest clothes in vogue by offloading the old lot.

o The garments may not have passed all the necessary quality control checks because of minor imperfections in the stitching or fabric. The slightly defective stock cannot be sold at full market price and hence is offered at throwaway prices.

o A wholesaler of clothes sells in bulk and this mass sale enables him to give attractive discounts to the retailer.

Why The Interest In Wholesale Garments?

  • Many people cannot pay up the large sums of money it will cost them to buy designer clothes. Retailers who source cheap apparels from wholesalers can help these people stay in touch with the latest fashions by pricing designer wear reasonably.
  • When you have to buy clothes frequently, it would make sense to buy them cheap from wholesalers. For example, when you buy clothes for young children, you make repeated visits to the store because they grow so fast.
  • Retailers can make big profits by selling large volumes of clothes since they are priced so inexpensively. is a wholesaler of clothes in the US and worldwide. This clothing wholesaler offers wholesale prom dresses and evening wear and a whole range of wholesale children’s accessories.

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