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Why Your Client Database is Worth More Than Money in the Bank

Your client database can generate money in the bank over and over and over again.

Many small business owners do not take the time to build a client email list. This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a small owner can make.


An existing customer is your best customer and being able to communicate with him at a moment’s notice is crucial.

Example of How to Trip Your Monthly Income:

You own a dress store. You are at a fashion convention to purchase new clothing for the fall. You run across a beautiful unique coat, but you are not sure if your customers will like the coat.

The coat is fairly expensive, even at the wholesale price and you would hate to purchase 3 or 4 and they just sit on the rack.


Send your client database an e-mail with an image and your price for the item. Tell them that you are in New York City at the Annual Fashion Convention and want to know if any one would be interested in the coat?

You explain that there is a limited number of the coats available and you will need a deposit or X amount of dollars sent to the stores account before you can order the coat.

You send the email out at 9:00 AM on Tuesday morning, New York time and you wait for an answer.

By 9:00 AM on Wednesday morning you have 89 responses in your email box. 74 of your customers want you to purchase the coat and 15 clients emailed to say maybe later.

By Wednesday evening you have 54 people who have sent the deposit for the coat as you requested.

You make the orders on Thursday morning.

Your mark-up on the coats was $90 each. You earned $4,860 – all because you had immediate access to your clients. Clients that you had trained in how the fashion world works and how they could benefit from customized orders from top designers before the garments where distributed to top brand stores.

Your client database is worth more then money in the bank.

Because on Thursday morning you send your clients another e-mail, except this time, it is a new designer bag from a famous European designer.

Get the picture?

Even if you Get the Picture, if you do not have a client database, you will not be able to develop the picture. Having an updated client email database is crucial to increasing monthly revenue.

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