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World of Warcraft Pet Battles Strategy Guide

The new battle pets system lets you take those cute and cuddly companions that simply followed you around before in World of Warcraft and put them to good use battling one another.

Not only does this add more depth to the game, but it lets players enjoy those little pets even more as they finally spring into action.

Since the system is brand new there is a lack of information about how to progress to the top levels. We will cover the different level ranges for different locations in the game and hopefully provide you with a sense of direction for how you should be navigating around leveling up.

Getting Started In Pet Battles

The first thing you have to do is pay for the Battle Pet skill at one of the battle trainers throughout the world. They are found in many of the starting zones and they are also found in Stormwind and Orgrimarr.

When you find the trainer you will have to pay 100 gold (may change) to get your training. From there you should buy the starter pet for your race and then start battling with your pet to get a feel for it.

Battling Your Pet

If you received your training in one of the starting zones you can use the pet tracking ability to find some pets nearby to try out your first battle. Most of the pets near starting zones are around level 1 so you shouldn’t have a problem battling against any of them.

Make sure that you focus on killing the pets that you fight for a little while in the beginning so that your first pet can level up. After you have gained a few levels you can capture some additional wild pets, or add some other companion pets to your team as additional slots level up.

Leveling Your Battle Pet

Finding pets that are around your level as you level up may seem difficult but it is actually relatively simple if you try to remember the zones that you used to level up initially.

The zones with higher level enemies also have higher level pets for your battle pets to take on. All of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms progress in the order that you would expect them to and you should be able to get your pet up close to level 20 before ever leaving them with Mount Hyjal and Twilight Highlands as some of your last spots.

From there you can move on to the Outlands until you have reached the mid-twenties. Outlands progresses in the same fashion with Hellfire Peninsula at the low end of the range between 17 and 18 and Netherstorm at the high end with level 20 pets.

After Outlands you can go to Northrend where the pet levels are pretty stable at between 20 and 22 throughout and finally Pandaria to get those last couple levels and finally reach 25.

Battle Pet Families

Make sure to pay attention to the pet families in the pet battle system, or the types of pets with each new battle that you enter into. If you know which pet you have that is strong against your enemy you will be able to win more fights even if you are up against a stronger pet than your own.

The game is highly strategic and thinking about your actions will help you get farther towards achieving your goals.

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