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Writing Love Letters That Leave Her Speechless

I boil down my thoughts to write my heart out. It’s not what I feel towards you it’s how I show what I feel.

To share delightful time amid a trouble; to endure painstaking moments; to overcome a tragedy or to unfold a puzzle, the support will always be there. All you need is to have some faith in me.

Distance doesn’t matter we are connected in an emotional level. The latent love will always be felt by two souls and that’s enough to calm you down; my love will guide you through.

What makes me happy is your happiness. What worries me is when I find you immersed into worry. It seems like you are defining my happiness and sorrow. It all begins from you and ends at you. Perhaps the whole world for me lies within you.

When I see you in pain I feel something. My throat goes dry, heart beat rises up, and mind is clouded with fear and worry. I calm down when I see you calming down and returning back to your normal demeanour. All of a sudden, I come back to the same emotional level in which you are. You are writing the script; I am executing it.

It gives me immense pleasure to solve something that makes you feel glad; I feel like I am a superstar.

You teach me all the time. But you could never figure out that I already know most of the things you say. Despite that I listen to you. I let you speak out your voice so that I can know how you portray things; how you define the characters in our life. In fact, I like the way you look at things around us. Not always you are right. When I feel you are wrong I try to correct you in the best possible way I know.

Life looks incomplete without you, and with you it’s a joyful journey with a blend of pain, trouble and little worries. What’s the joy in living with no trouble? When we are together we can fight all the odds.

Words are not important. I know when you are happy; when you feel sad and when you feel pain. It’s everything on your face and the body language makes it complete. I figure out when you are getting better.

The bond: It makes me highly responsible in what I do, it pushes me to my limit to bring out the best of me; the bond is holding me tight and without it I would have been scattered.

You are a purifier who goes deep inside me and pulls out the dirt. The shadow comes from you when life throws high-voltage-light and keeps me heated. The comfort begins from your heart when I am surrounded by pain.

In return, I can say, I can give you everything I possess. The touch will never disappear; the bond will get stronger with time; the love and support will rain even more heavily as years perish from calendar.

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