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3 Types of Artificial Leather

Artificial leather is available in several types and a popular choice for furniture products and clothing. It has seen significant growth in popularity because of its high flexibility and stylish appearance. Here are three of the most popular types:


Pleather is the term used for a low-cost material that is popular in the process of making items in artificial leather. It is a relatively light material compared to real leather and is made up using a variety of plastic materials. The most common materials to create pleather are PVC and polyurethane. The products in PVC are easily marked and the material can start to harden after cleaning, especially if a dry cleaning service is used. Clothing or furniture based on polyurethane is a lot easier to clean and maintain. This type of artificial leather is easy to dye, which means products can come in virtually any color.


Naugahyde is a type of vinyl-coated material with characteristics that appears much-like real leather. This artificial leather is mostly used to cover furniture, but can also be seen as a popular choice for a wide range of toys, clothes and waterproof seat covers. It has a finish that appears much like real leather and feels quite soft to the touch.

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a quite common type of artificial leather that is popular in the production of shoes, garments and accessories. There is a varied range of products that can be used to make the vegan leather. The most popular choices include polyurethane, PVC, paper, waxed cotton, glazed cotton, barkcloth and cork. While this fabric is animal-friendly, the actual manufacturing process used for several of the materials is not seen as the most eco-friendly.

Benefits of artificial leather

There are a variety of reasons to consider using artificial leather in place of the real thing. For one, the items manufactured in this type of leather are significantly more affordable. Plus, there are many people who prefer to avoid buying real leather items because it is friendlier to animals. However, this type of leather can still be made to appear quite real and realistic. During the manufacturing process it is possible to make variations to the texture, color and grain. This helps to create a look that is quite similar to the genuine leather. Also, it is very hard-wearing and more able to stand up to abuse from children and pets.

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