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Book Review – The Camel Club by David Baldacci

I have been a fan of David Baldacci, since I read The Winner back in 1997. I so enjoyed his style of writing, I have read all his books to date and eagerly await his new books. The Camel Club is no exception to the rule. Another page-turner thriller.

Cast of Characters:

Members of the Camel Club

Oliver Stone – who camps outside the Whitehouse to protest the government and lives at a church where he tends to the commentary is the lead conspiracy theorist

Caleb Shaw – who loves to dress in period costume and works at the Library of Congress in the rare books department

Reuben Rhodes – ex government employee, turned to loading dock worker, drug burnout

Milton Farb – who suffers from OCD, has a perfect memory, mathematical prodigy and owns a website building business and won lots of money on Jeopardy

Other Characters:

Alex Ford – secret service agent who is a bit unclear where his loyalties lie, near retirement

Carter Grey – intelligence chief

Plot: When the Camel Club gathers for a clandestine meeting to discuss the latest conspiracy theories they stumble upon a crime. The four witness the murder of an intelligence analyst and barely escape with their own lives intact.

The morning paper reveals the death as an a suicide, which the Camel Club knows to be false. When they begin to investigate they become targets of the same killers.

Meanwhile, Alex Ford disagrees with the official verdict and is reassigned to Presidential protection detail.

Unbeknownst to Alex, a terrorist cell is waiting to kill the president in his hometown. Meanwhile the Camel Club is trying to find out the truth about the killing, while trying to stay alive.

There are several plots going on at the same time and the story can sometimes be a bit confusing, but there are lots of surprises including the attempted assassination of the president (what a twist) and the reason behind the murder.

This is a typically fantastic read for anyone who loves intrigue, spy technology, terrorists and conspiracies. You will be hard pressed to see how this turns out – as usual David Baldacci gives you a surprise ending. Loved this book! 688 pages of pure intrigue! 9 out of 10.

Only negative was the book was a bit long.

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