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Funeral Plan Management "To-Do" List

Many people want their own funeral to bring their special wishes and ideas to life but, at the same time, relieve the bereaved. During a lifetime, it is important that one goes through the funeral planning process.

This can be a simple intermittent sufficient scale or checklist of their last will for the funeral which can be formulated and extensively in a folder. This checklist should be designed to clearly show what is relevant for the deceased.

1. Type of Burial- Forms of burial, which for the checklist may be relevant, are anonymous burials, cremations or a typical burials. You can even have sea burials in some countries.

2. Burial Site- The case of death also plays an important role in choice of burial, which cemetery and the desired place.

3. Choice of Music- In selecting the music, the title of a song or more compositions should be thought through. Conveniently, it is also mentioned when exactly in the checklist they should be played at a funeral. Some people are fond of very alive music, played in an orchestra and want to own the funeral and some want just a solo or one or more vocal tracks.

4. The Coffin- When the coffin or the urn is to be chosen by the bereaved, it is advisable to mention in the checklist- the music, the decorations, clothing of the deceased and any burial wishes that may be present.

5. The Mourning- Some people want to, for example, wear a uniform, dress or a wedding dress. Perhaps it is important for the funeral that the deceased would take a cherished object.

6. Public or Private Funeral- The decision on whether to have a public or private funeral should be made in advance and according to the deceased’s wishes.

7. The Eulogy- Many people write their eulogy in the form of a living speech because they do not want to leave this to another man. Perhaps for the eulogy, only certain individuals will be selected.

8. End of the Funeral- If flowers and wreaths are desired then the favorite variety of flowers or special arrangements can be specified.

9. The Grave Stone- Both the size, the individual performances of the materials as well as the font and decorative design of the grave stone can be chosen in advance or in person should be anchored in the checklist.

Funeral plan management is important in today’s society and the significant increase in life insurance policies is reflecting it.

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