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Health is Wealth – How Health and Beauty MLM Can Make You Wealthy

When Amway and Forever Living started, the world simultaneously (and just suddenly) got conscious with their health and beauty. Not only senior citizens, but teens too became health and beauty buffs. Suddenly, diverse niches in health and beauty market emerged. Health gyms suddenly mushroomed around the city. More people are jogging. Whitening soaps, pills and creams just were instant sell-outs. They even got out of stock. Doctors popularized beauty surgeries. Services from dieticians and nutritionists suddenly mattered.

The health and beauty market just got so attractive, Market Health joined in 1998. The company is an integrated online marketing business in health and beauty industry. Their online affiliate network, the Market Health Affiliate Network, provides you the business opportunities of the world’s leading health and beauty products.

Like, Market Health puts premium on content and support system, particularly tech support or affiliate software, marketing and after-sales. They provide materials and technical advices to best market and promote products.

They offer 100 offers of health supplements and natural skin care products. They have a massive affiliate network that markets the following 10 major products:

1. general health products (18 products);

2. weight loss products (11);

3. women’s health and beauty (6);

4. men’s health (10);

5. colon health (4);

6. sexual health (8);

7. skin care (9);

8. cosmetics (2);

9. oral care (1);

10. sports nutrition (5);

There are regular and super affiliates, where the former could earn $20 at minimum. Super affiliates, who sell more than 20 daily, earn a more special commission and payment schemes. Market Health sends commission payments bimonthly through broad payment options (check by mail, bank wire, Paypal, prepaid debit card via Payoneer).

They also have house offers, which have 50% revenue sharing. There are also added commissions of 5% per sale referral.

What separates Market Health affiliate network to others is their traditional tracking systems of phone, newsletter and mail orders.

Take it as old, but today’s health movement is actually a retro-revolution.

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