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How to Make a Guy Want You After Rejection and Make Him Regret the Day He Decided to Reject You

Having been rejected by a man, it’s but natural for you to feel vindictive. You’re human, and a woman at that! You have every right to feel hurt but you must also rise from the ashes and show him what he’s missing!

Be better than ever before.

Don’t just look pretty, look extremely gorgeous! Wear your most stylish clothing and make guys fall in line. As you look your best, make sure that this guy sees you so that he’ll single you out.

Ignore his obvious attraction.

He may throw admiring looks at you but make it seem like you don’t notice him. This will surely puzzle him and he will soon make it his goal to pursue you and guess what makes you tick. Always be a step ahead of him.

Let all his friends approve of you.

And you can only get their approval by becoming a popular figure in your area. If people naturally flock around you, then this guy and his friends will surely be intrigued on who’s creating waves lately. Don’t be surprised if he will soon chase you like a hound.

Hit him with your best shot.

Show him what he threw when he rejected you. This is the time to display all of your assets and talents. Flaunt them all and he’ll surely admire your for your newfound confidence. Don’t let his rejection destroy what’s beautiful in you.

Learn to forgive.

In order to have a good aura about you, you must make sure to let go of all ill feelings that you still have for the man. He may have rejected you but you still shouldn’t harbor any resentment towards him. If he sees no bitterness, this guy will surely admire you for your maturity and he’ll praise you for it.

Be civil with him but don’t go beyond that.

This is not the perfect time to rebuild burnt bridges. You can still be friends with the guy without totally going back into his arms. If he ever wants to win you again, make it difficult for him to win you this time.

Never stoop to the other girl’s level.

If the guy rejected you because of another woman, then you shouldn’t even give him a chance to win you back. Save a little dignity for yourself. Once he realizes that you’re much better than the other woman, he’ll definitely want to go back to you. Ignore him this time and show him that a million other men would compete to have you!

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