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How to Pull Off 2010 Fashion at Five Separate Events This Season

The 2010 spring / summer season has some really great fashion trends to suit everyone. From blazers retaining their popularity for yet another year through to knee high socks and boyfriend shorts, there really is something this season for all different body shapes and sizes.

Whilst women’s clothing fashion might be varied this season, it can still be difficult trying to put a whole outfit together for one occasion, without thinking about all of the different events that you might attend.

Therefore, these 5 examples give some advice on what to wear at some of the most popular events throughout the spring and summer months.

1. Spring wedding. The spring is a perfect time to have a wedding, not only as the weather is warm and dry without being stifling, but that spring weddings allow for women to dress in bright and vivid colours.

Depending on the formality of the wedding depends on what you wear, as you’ve got a few different options. For example, for a particularly formal wedding, you would be better off choosing a dress with a high split, whilst a more floral outfit with a pair of strappy wedges would be more suited to a less formal wedding.

2. Bank holiday weekend. Think casual-come-relaxed-come-chic. Assuming that you’re staying in the UK for the bank holiday weekend, it’s likely to be relatively warm during the day, with the temperatures dipping as soon as the sun goes down. Due to this reason, aim for an outfit that tackles both temperatures without needing for you o change outfits completely, such as wearing a simple white t-shirt, with denim hot pants and a dark boyfriend-blazer.

3. First barbecue. The very first barbecue of the year is often the one where the weather is rather deceiving. It looks sunny outside and feels warm in the sun, but when you step into the shade, the temperature drops dramatically. If this is the case with your first barbecue of the year, choose a pair of either ripped or patched jeans and wear them with a loose shirt, sleeves rolled up. Cool enough to sit in the sun, the outfit is warm enough to make sure you don’t need to go and put layers upon layers on as soon as you step into the shade.

4. Beach. Cutaway monokinis are the swimwear item of the minute and if you’re off on a beach holiday, invest in at least one cutaway monokini to accompany your more traditional bikinis.

The problem that some have with cutaway monokinis is that they can be somewhat revealing and require for you to have a slender figure. If you don’t feel confident enough to pull this look off, don’t worry – one-strap bikinis are just as popular as the minute, so take a look at one of these instead.

5. Garden party. One of the hardest events in the summer to dress for, people often get confused with the formality of a garden party, when in fact it is relatively easy to determine. Generally speaking, unless otherwise stated, relaxed formal will usually suffice – maybe going down the military route, teaming a nude coloured knee length dress with boots that rise up above the ankle; a look which is very fashionable at the moment.

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