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Italian Language Lessons So You Can Speak Italian Fast

Italian language lessons are essential to learn to speak Italian in the most effective fashion. There are many choices, and it is important to make a good selection from the various alternatives for Italian language lessons. Because the end goal is to speak Italian, it makes sense to match the characteristics of the course with the elements that will drive your success.

By the same token, it is important to avoid the pitfalls of courses which are not effective. Obviously each course developer believes his course is the best, but the reality is that there are good choices and bad choices.

Today I want to focus on the elements which are necessary to learn to speak Italian effectively and efficiently. That will allow to you evaluate the Italian lessons you are considering and form an opinion as to whether you think they will work for you.

Stepping back a little first – are you ready to learn Italian? No amount of Italian lessons will overcome a lack of desire or motivation on your part! So make sure that you are ready to put in the time to learn to speak Italian and that you have the right motivation. If you have – great! Let’s get to the essential elements of great Italian language lessons!

There are two aspects which are vital! Plain and simple, if you choose an approach which does not feature these two elements you are making things much more difficult for yourself. And when you realize that over three-quarters of the people who set out to learn Italian do not succeed why would you want to diminish your chances?

In a nutshell you must have the right type of daily practice and the right type of audio immersion. Daily practice has been shown to maximize the amount of Italian you will retain and transfer to long-term memory. Don’t ask me to explain the science of it – I can’t! But I do know that when I am learning new languages this is a vital element.

The daily practice has to be the right type of daily practice! It must involve simulated immersion in conversational Italian. This is essential to help you get grip on sentence structure. It helps with pronunciation as well, but the sentence structure element is the vital piece.

Because until you begin to structure your sentences like a native speaker would you will never be even close to being able to speak Italian effectively.

Just make sure whichever Italian language lessons you choose incorporate these two elements and your chances are much improved!

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