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Low Budget Wedding Ideas – 5 Easy & Great Ideas For a Successful Low Budget Wedding

Can you picture your wedding on a budget being as special as the fairytale you have imagined since you were a little girl?

If not, read on to find out how a low budget wedding does not mean cheap or unsuccessful for you, your partner or the invited friends and family.

Make your wedding a day to remember with these 5 simple low budget wedding ideas.

1-Set your budget and stick to it

Tempting as it may be to spend a bit more on some things, do you want to spoil the best day of your life worrying how you will afford it? A stress free bride is a happy bride.

2-Talk to family and friends

They will have experience of good (and bad!) weddings on small budgets or large and what made it special. Use this to make sure that you spend money on the right and save money elsewhere. It could be you are happy to have a budget wedding dress so you can have more guests.

3-Involve friends and family

Make your day, and that of the guests, more memorable by getting them involved. Think how proud Auntie Joan will feel when everyone compliments the cake, or how much better it could taste to you knowing the wedding cake was priceless because it was made with so much love.

Perhaps you know someone who makes cards and could make invitations, or someone who is a hairdresser, florist or photographer.

4-Decide what is important to you and or partner

What will make your day special? The good company of family and friends, or your day in that dream venue? What atmosphere are you hoping to create?

In all the wedding planning mania, do not lose sight of these dreams. Where do you want to invest the money and where will you cut back? Decide at the start to avoid problems and make a promise together to stick to this plan.

5-Don’t sweat the small stuff!

You are going to make this day perfect. Everything is just as you dreamed, but without the financial weight to worry about. Do not be distracted by the less important things such as flowers the wrong shade of pink, or a slightly wonky display.

These small things do not make the perfect wedding day, so do not let it drag you down. You will be able to laugh at them come your Golden Wedding anniversary.

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