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Processes To Consider During Garment Constructions

Garment construction involves the procedures are that are undertake to make sure that out of the procedures clothes have been made. They are made of different parts which require different construction procedures or skills. These processes include: management of fullness, pockets, waist bands, openings, fastening and hem management.

1. Management of fullness

This can be defined as arrangement of the extra size of fabric to achieve the following:

a.) Getting a good fit from the garment.

b.) Shaping the garment.

c.) Providing fashion features.

d.) Decorating the garment.

Management of fullness is achieved by: darts, pleat, tucks, gathers, easing, smocking, shirring and use of elastic.

2. Pockets.

This is a very important feature on outer garments, they are functional and decorative and at times they are used to emphasize or introduce fashion features. The choice of a pocket to use on a garment depends on: the type of garment, fabric being used, position on the garment and also the effect desired.

3. Openings and Fastening.

It the part that is left unstitched on the garment or article to enable the garment to be put on and off with ease. Normally it’s fastened up after the garment has been worn so as to retain its shape. They can either be decorative, plain or functional.

Fastening is the closing up and opening to retain the original shape and fit of the garment. They are decorative and functional or both. Before choosing which fastening to use one has to know the kind of opening to have, therefore on has to consider: the type of garment, weight and style of the fabric and the type of opening.

4. Hem management.

This is a method of finishing raw edges in different parts of a cloth construction. These parts are; lower part of a skirt, dress, short sleeves and the top part of a pocket. They are supposed to be as invisible as possible unless a decorative feature is desired.

5. Waist Band

They are used to hold the raw edges at the waist and also to enhance the good shape in a garment. waist bands are also used to hold fashion garments in place such as:belts and ribbons.

All of the above processes are important in making garment to ensure fullness of the clothes, effect desired and the outcome of the clothes. In order to make a proper outfit and a well made cloth one or more of the above must be used in the construction making of the cloth. Therefore the four stages are a must to use and are more important in all cloth construction processes.

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