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Revenge Spells – Black Magic At Its Finest?

It can be argued that revenge certainly has its place in this world. In fact, in many ways it and the term “justice” are completely interchangeable. Revenge spells offer those of us who believe in the power of magic to enjoy the ultimate satisfaction, as we can get even… without leaving a trace of DNA at the scene! But is it evil to engage in such an act? Is this, in fact, black magic at its finest? Let’s explore.

There are many aspects of human behavior (great song, by the way) that could be viewed as “evil.” Most of us eat meat. We use and waste our planet’s natural resources as if they were our own. And if somebody murders in cold blood, many societies reserve the right to put that individual to death. Kind of makes revenge spells seem like child’s play.

Of course, that is hardly the case, as any real Wiccan is surely aware. With a strong belief in karma (three-fold), revenge spells may be deemed to risky to be played with in any capacity. Certainly, they can be quite powerful, and in order to get full satisfaction without crossing the line into black magic, or “evil,” they must be cast in as responsible a fashion as possible. Obviously, the more intense the emotions driving the urge to exact revenge, the more skewed the meaning of the word “responsible” can become.

Revenge spells are dark, there is no question. And they require the spell caster to fully commit and surrender themselves to this darkness in order to be effective. However, from a psychological perspective, it can be quite freeing and satisfactory to impart a bit of suffering upon someone who was legitimately cruel or hurtful toward you. This would fit very nicely into the “being human” category.

But again, the casting of revenge spells transcends psychology… and it is very, very dark; literally. Here’s the general process:

1. Submit to darkness.

2. Place yourself in a dark room.

3. Gather blackberries (encase them in black cloth with black thread)

4. Acquire a black candle with a black wick and light it.

5. Focus your dark, vengeful emotions onto the candle, imagining it as the recipient of your revenge.

6. Speak aloud the exact things you want to have happen to your enemy. Do this with absolute precision and clarity.

7. Once the ritual is complete, bury the cloth, blackberries, and candles in the Earth.

8. Revenge spells cast.

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