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The Four Things to Never Leave on a Woman’s Voicemail


When you get a woman’s number, it feels like an accomplishment itself. If you’ve got the number, you’ve got the girl, right? Wrong. Most women delete messages from men daily without any plan to ever call them back. This is often because of the type of voicemail message left. With the amount of men a woman meets weekly, your voicemail message may be your only chance to stand out.

Here are the 4 mistakes almost EVERY man makes when leaving a message for the first time

Mistake #1: Retelling how you first met in detail

It is possible that she might not remember you, so you can give a few clues of who you are. “Hey, it’s John from La Parka Shores…” should be all she needs to jog her memory. Don’t mention what jacket you had on, or what your conversation was about.

Mistake #2: You left a 5 minute message

It’s amazing how many men will detail their entire day’s activities on the answering machine of a woman they just met. She just doesn’t care. Even if she is interested in hearing about your whole day, why not just tell her when she calls you back? Oh that’s right; you were worried she wasn’t going to call you back. And once she can tell you were worried about that, trust me, she ain’t calling back. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mistake #3: Too much background noise

You want your message to be completely clear when she hears your voice on the phone for the first time. If you’re at a bar, or on a busy street, or doing dishes, she has to work too hard to hear you, and will not be totally relaxed when she takes your voice in and might even hang up and delete the message without hearing it. Be in a quiet place when you call.

Mistake #4: Saying “Please.”

In most environments, such as work, the dinner table, and the bus station, saying “please” can get you pretty far in life. In dating, it is the kiss of death. Saying “Please call me back,” or “Can you call me back please,” is awful because you are implying is doing you a favor by calling you back, that it’s in your benefit instead of yours. “We’ll talk later,” or “You can reach me at ______” is much better.

There is definitely no full proof solution to girls not returning phone calls, but if you avoid these major pitfalls, you can expect your callback rate to increase by at least 50%. There is a ton more to the art of “phone game,” but you are now ahead of the vast majority of men calling women back for dates.



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