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The Need of a Fixed Layout ePub Conversion

Defining a Fixed Layout ePub

An ePub file that has been formatted such that it is having a specific layout for each of the page likes a physical book is known as fixed layout ePub. Earlier eBooks were converted into reflow able content where the text that gets displayed changes itself to fit the screen for various e-readers.

Fixed ePub layout is considered as one alternative to the dynamic ePub to create eBook having “fixed layout”. By doing this the page will stay in the same layout irrespective of the device and the screen size which would be like seeing an exact copy of the printed page. The page will look the same as the printed page layout. The user has to zoom in and pan around to see the details or to make the small text visible. This format has proved to be ideal for highly illustrated children’s novels.

Let us have a look on the good side of the format:

  • Layouts are kept in special format books – Advantage of these ePub format is mainly seen with the books which are image rich, heavily designed like the children books, textbooks, comic books, fashion magazines, travel books, cook books etc. The layout of these books are the most important thing for communication.
  • Zooming – One more advantage includes zooming option that the readers can zoom the images they want to see and can check for the specific details. The traditional ePub allow the users to increase the font size for clear visibility; but they do not allow the images to get enlarged for better viewing. The zooming option of these conversion service makes it easier for the reader to see the detailed images.
  • Better page breaks – These fixed layout ePub allow for better page breaks as they are not automated but are being set in advance.
  • Smaller files – The files are comparatively smaller than any other formats, like PDF.

Now we will put some light on the negative points of this format:

  1. Compatibility – It is only compatible with Apple readers who are using Apple iPad, iPhone.
  2. More complexity – These ePub format are complex if we compare these with the traditional ePub formats like PDF. These complex features make these fixed layout ePub files more complicated.
  3. Smaller text – As we know that fixed layout ePub have to adjust the entire page of content on the screen of an e-reader. Sometimes the text is very small than the text displayed on the traditional ePub. This makes it even difficult to read. Unlike the text of the traditional ePub, you cannot increase the font size. If you want to read the larger text, you have to zoom in on a particular page. This results in the loss of the visual appearance of the page and it cause more ups-and-downs and side-to-side scrolling.

Fixed layout ePub Conversion Services offer a valuable and powerful tool for making eBooks look professional and perform well. Publishers need to redesign the pages so that they should get the device well fitted before using. This may include increasing the text size, removing the details from the page, and reducing the image size.

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